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4:1 Shaft Mount Gear Reducer Gearbox

4:1 shaft mounted gear reducer gearbox for Stark Press Company SPC-1224 series etching presses or Charles Brand etching presses with 12x24" or 16x30" beds. This gear reducer will help print with ease under heavy pressure.


-4:1 gear reduction - for every four turns of the crank handle, your roller with spin once allowing for greater pressure with less effort

-Fully enclosed housing for maximum safety and to prevent dirt and dust from entering the housing

-Uses heavy duty steel gears instead of chains which can stretch over time

-Durable powdercoat finish to match your press

-Works with existing SPC or Charles Brand crank handles - bolt the gearbox on and you're ready to print! No other modifications to your press are required.


Made to Order - please allow 4-5 weeks for order to ship.


NOTE: Please specify which press this gearbox is for when ordering so we can make it with the appropriate shaft diameter.

4:1 Shaft Mount Gear Reducer Gearbox

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