Frequently Asked Questions

Why do your presses look like Charles Brand etching presses?

Our presses are exact replicas of the Charles Brand 12"x24" table top press model. We are admirers of the durability, precision and quality that Brand put into his products and want to continue the tradition of providing the printmaking community with reliable, high quality equipment.

Are your press rollers solid?

Yes, our upper rollers are one piece solid steel. Our lower rollers are two piece solid steel with a brass bushing to prevent binding.

Which bed type should I choose?

Steel beds are more durable than phenolic and will last longer, but they also weigh more. If you want an option that weighs less and is easier to handle and transport, phenolic would be the better option.

Do I need to screw my press down?

Yes, we recommend you screw your press down using all four holes before printing to avoid injury caused by shifting off your work surface.

Does the SPC-1224 have bed stops?

No, the press does not have bed stops. This allows for the press to be more portable, and take up less studio space when not in use.

Is the SPC-1224 geared?

No, it is not geared but due to the size and construction, it will print with ease.

Does the SPC-1224 come with micrometers?

Yes, we offer micrometer pressure screw gauges for our presses allowing for easy and quick adjusting of pressure.

Do your presses have a lifetime warranty?

We guarantee our presses and materials to the original owner to be without defects for a lifetime and will repair or replace at our discretion. We do not cover normal wear and tear including warped beds, misuse, abuse, neglect or damage caused during use or transportation if moved after original installation.

What type of printing can the SPC-1224 be used for?

The SPC-1224 can be used for a variety of printmaking techniques, including etching and intaglio techniques such as engravings, aquatints, mezzotints and drypoint as well as monotypes, woodcuts, collagraphs and linocuts.

Do you offer financing of your presses?

Yes! We offer financing on all new presses. Contact us and we can figure out the best payment plan for your situation.